I 'm blessed to be able to share my work and communicate my artistic vision through my

 arts  practice,  thanks for taking an interest in my work, i have upcoming exhibitions, along with

ongoing projects combining art ,research and technology ,which i look forward to sharing with you as

i continue to create ,develop and prototype new work. 


Nadeena Dixon 

         Multi disciplinary Artist

Artist Practice

My practice as a Multi disciplinary artist is focussed on an ongoing process of creative dialogue and communication between my artistic vision and the materials and processes that allow the work to become tangible.



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Possum Skin Cloak Dreaming

Revitalisation of Indigenous

Cultural Practices 

As a Master Weaver within indigenous Cultural Practices and Traditions i am passionate about maintaining ,promoting and teaching my skills and knowledge as i continue to be mentored and guided in my development as a Indigenous knowledge holder and custodian of cultural skills and practices.

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Indigenous Weaving & Textiles

Multi Disciplinary Art Practices

Contemporary Artists engage a wide variety of mediums to create new works, my current work is focussed on a process of intense experimentation , and involves creative risk taking through research ,prototyping ,trial and error leading to the final development the work.