Current Exhibitions

Featured Works currently showing at Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative ,Gallery 

Aboriginal Womens Exhibition  Born into Existance 6th June -15th July 2018

Nadeena's work situated in Front Rooms Space. 


Dillybag Series

Dillybag Series are the result of an ongoing process of exploration responding to the Cosmology of traditional Dillybags and their role in Aboriginal Society . 


Gathering On country 

Through the process of creating Dillybags Nadeena retraces story , meaning and connection ,as a fluid    ongoing dialogue through ancestral story worlds interconnected to astronomy ,seasons and traditional gathering practices .  


Art Panels

Nadeena's work has a strong focus on re-interpreting Aboriginal Symbology and visual language through form , the Art Panels mirror the traditional practice of painting on bark , re-worked in a contemporary form to connect story  form and meaning.